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The Governor Morehead Park

The Governor Morehead Park is a beautiful location for quiet walks, picnics, family gatherings, and special events throughout the year.  It is solely owned and funded by Eden Preservation Society members. It is always open and free to the public.

Maintenance of the park is an ongoing project for the EPS: routine tasks include mowing, weeding, shrubbery and tree management, and walkway maintenance.  Much of the preservation efforts in this area have been focused on restoring the foundation wall of the original "Old Stone Mill" that was built by Gov. John Motley Morehead, a favorite place for photos.

If you are interested in using the park for your wedding, a company party, or other event, please see our Rental Policy. Send an email or call the number at the bottom of this page for more information and to schedule a date.

The Leaksville Cotton Mills

...built by John Motley Morehead (later governor) and powered by water from the nearby Smith River that was channeled through the Barnett Canal.


The original foundation wall of the Leaksville Cotton Mill ("Old Stone Mill")

The original mill was built in 1839 and destroyed by fire in 1893. It was rebuilt and used for many decades, but was eventually torn down. The foundation wall is all that remains today.

In early 2017, we received a generous grant from the Rockingham County Community Foundation and Duke Energy, as well as a gift from Wells Fargo.  With some further fund-raising we were able to raise the needed $17,000 and have been able to repair and stabilize this important landmark.    

Our latest project: the Marianne S. Aiken Heritage Garden, dedicated on Nov. 22, 2020. 


Mrs. Aiken spearheaded the purchase of the park property and worked for years to bring it from a muddy, abandoned eyesore to the beautiful site it is today. The Heritage Garden is a work in progress, and will provide another lovely backdrop for photos and events.

Be sure to stop by and see the Marianne rose!

This hidden waterfall at Morehead Park...

...can be heard from many places around the grounds. Follow the sound to see this gem. (Picture by Jim B.)

Barnett Canal - MoreheadPark
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